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Start-ups. MNCs. Business Houses. Open Offices. Cafes! Entrepreneurs, geared up with massive adrenaline rush are anywhere, everywhere. Today, business has changed, in fact revamped. Transformed beyond attendance sheets, appraisals and […]

Rise of Entrepreneurs in India

Online Marketing course Simply digital
In India, start-ups are literally mushrooming. Be it online learning platforms, beauty products, e-commere, food websites, used car marketplaces, big data analytics, softwares, online can rentals, video intelligence or even […]

The Gamble of Start-ups: Taking the Leap

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In fact, it is reinventing itself as you are reading this blog right now. And so have the perceptions of people. Communication, too! Now digital communication is so easy and […]

The digital world has changed

Do you remember the first time you used twitter? Well, its foundation dates long back. In fact, it was in 2006 when Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah […]

Future of Twitter: Will it be Sold Off?

Following the transformation from joint families to nuclear ones, even the digital space is heading towards close-knit communities. It started with Google when abundant content was available for consumers to […]

How will Facebook monetize WhatsApp

Facebook vs. Google
Well, the answer is a little tricky. Over the years, Facebook has become more of an advertising behemoth than a mere social networking site. UBS analysts like Eric Sheridan are […]

Will Facebook Overtake Google?