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Simply Digital is the brainchild of professionals from IIT & IIM’s, with solid experience in the startup world, who decided to go on a quest, to learn everything there was about the Digital World. Like any journey one embarks on, they found themselves lost and confused initially. They found that no one had the understanding of the application of all that the technology was making possible and the few who managed, made it big.

Once they learnt how to navigate the waters of the sea called Digital Marketing, things finally started to fall into place as they began to make sense of what made the Digital World tick.

Overflowing with eagerness to share this newfound knowledge with other lost souls, the birth of Simply Digital took place.  It was founded in April 2015 with the sole purpose of simplifying Digital training for one and for all.

The purpose gathered pace as we aligned ourselves with the mission of our Honorable and visionary Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi of Digital India, Skill India and Smart cities. We now endeavor to bridge the gap between the workforce and the digital skills needed to fulfill the Digital India dream.

We teach everything under Digital from Digital Marketing to Big Data and basis market demand; we’ll keep including more courses.

We distinguish ourselves with our focus on Quality Education, Updated and Customized Courses, Practical Knowledge, Learned and Experienced Faculty and our Commitment to ensure learning.

We are a bunch of enthusiastic and dedicated Digital Entrepreneurs and Professionals who want to share our knowledge with other students and see them learn and grow. We want to pave a path to make Simply Digital, a community that learns together, sticks together and grows together.

Simply Digital is a Google partner group company with Google certified trainers.

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Digital Marketing Course Modules

Overview of Digital Marketing

Treands in the Digital World

How businesses are leveraging the digital marketing techniques to grow their revenue.


Website Design

Design your own prfessional website

We train you to create new website on wordpress which you can use for your business, blogging or e-commerce.


Search Engine Optimization

Boost your rank on Google and Bing search page

Keywords Strategy, Content Strategy, On-Page, Off-Page, Schema Mark-up, Link Building, Link Earning, Blog Outreach


Google Adwords and PPC Ads

Generate Leads or Create Awareness

Search Ads, Google Display Network, Shopping Ads, Youtube Video Ads, App Marketing, Strategy and Targeting


Google Analytics

Measure your business and User Engagements

Track how users are interacting with your website and which channels are getting you business, what pages are performing better


Social Media Marketing

Make yourself visible and create community

Facebook Organic, Facebook Ads, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest. Make yourself a brand.



About the Digital Marketing Programme

The alumni of IIT-IIM and top experts from the startup industry, brings you a joint Certification Programme in Digital Marketing and Analytics along with Asia’s top-tier Digital Marketing training institution, Simply Digital, the first to introduce Advanced Digital Marketing workshops in India.
Living in a world dominated by software, the age of Digital Revolution, has opened myriads of Internet Marketing opportunities. In a world of different opinions, digitalization along with the emergence of more aware customers has brought new difficulties as well as new ways of marketing.
The way we market today has certainly changed. The rise of digital marketing provides opportunities for new discoveries, dynamic strategies, affordability, profitability, a more scrutinized data analysis as well as targeting. This has opened numerous opportunities for organizations as well as individual digital marketers, web designers, analysts and developers.

Digital Marketing Course Module

It is vital to have a very good understanding of Digital Marketing to capitalize on its true potential and successfully maximize its pay-offs on customers. Our Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing focuses on the following:

  • Using various internet marketing tools available on the internet by strategy.
  • Understanding the importance of social media for business.
  • Understanding and strategizing around the ethos of online consumers.
  • Using different design tools to improve user experience.
  • Tracking, assessing, gauging and drawing conclusions from website traffic.
  • Monitoring and measuring essential online marketing metrics and KPIs.
  • Bringing together traditional marketing practices and internet marketing.
  • Understanding consumer targeting, predicting consumers and analyzing consumer behavior.
  • Understanding the characteristics and demographics of customers and implementing marketing techniques accordingly.


Key Competencies Developed in Digital marketing

  • We have trained thousands of students under our digital marketing course. You can also grow your proficiency in digital marketing as our programme involves not just theoretical understanding of the fundamentals of online marketing, but also practical learning.
  • Through our programme we endeavor to impart thorough understanding of various digital marketing platforms, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, pay per click, mobile marketing, email marketing, internet marketing strategies and web analytics.


Digital marketing course summary

Our Digital marketing course has been developed by managers and subject matter experts with the goal of covering the fundamentals of marketing and advertising, basic statistical tools used for prediction and analysis as well as comprehensive knowledge  about various tools used for  digital marketing and web analytics.
This digital marketing training includes application of theoretical knowledge into practice, where students will get a hands-on experience in working with marketing datasets, creating dummy display ads, virtual website optimization and SEO techniques and practice. Major highlights of this programme are optimization and development of website, getting more traffic through SEO and Google Adwords live practice of boosting dummy display advertisements, examining responses from various channels and user behavior with Google Analytics.
By the end of the digital marketing training, the students will have thorough understanding of different marketing channels, their distribution strategies and budget allocation.
Our ambition through this digital marketing programme is to enlighten students and make them employable in the digital world or equipped for their own enterprises.
We recommend these professional digital marketing certifications to the professionals involved in digital marketing strategy planning and analysis at their companies or anyone who wishes to explore new skills and build a career in the field of digital marketing. The course is applicable to aspirants of every stature as it is becoming more important for everyone from top of the hierarchy to the bottom of it, to not only have a basic understanding of these online marketing tools but also be proficient at it.

Who should attend this Digital Marketing training?

  • Corporates who want to boost their digital marketing outcome through various channels
  • Professionals responsible for an organization’s Digital marketing strategy
  • Offline marketers who wishes to switch to online marketing and own an edge in their career
  • Businessmen who want to extract maximum results through their digital channels
  • Students who want to attain knowledge and be employable in the field of internet marketing

Digital marketing programme objectives

The aim is to provide help and guidance to the aspirants in digital marketing from different point of views such as analysts, customers and business owners. The priority of this online marketing course focuses on clearing the fundamentals as well as advanced applications of digital marketing. The trained aspirants will be capable to work as independent digital marketing professionals.

Digital marketing course structure

The internet marketing course at Simply Digital comprises of 16 modules, beginning from the fundamentals of digital marketing and creation of a website, moving to more advanced concepts like SEO, SEM etc. and ending with certifications. Each module has been designed and developed by the brilliant minds of IIT and IIM. We make sure to keep updating our course content to give our students the best and latest knowledge about the digital industry.

Digital marketing course modules

Our online marketing programme is divided into the following 16 modules:

  • Overview of Digital Marketing (3 hours)

What is marketing, how is digital marketing different from traditional marketing, why digital marketing and the basics of its procedure.

  • Website planning and creation (4 hours)
    Understanding domain and hosting, how a website is created, UI/UX and creating your own website.
  • Search Engine Optimization (9 hours)
    Understanding what is a search engine and how it works. Learning how to apply SEO techniques to improve website ranking on search engines.
  • PPC advertising and Google Adwords (6 hours)
    How does advertising on Google works, PPC, search and display campaign creations and remarketing.
  • Google Analytics (6 hours)
    Measuring and analyzing your website, tracking  search engines and social media networks, gauging traffic from various channels.
  • Social Media Marketing (5 hours)
    Understanding social media and how to market on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
  • Email marketing (5 hours)
    How email marketing works, understanding its strategy, how to send emails in bulk to target audience and prevent spams.
  • Ecommerce marketing (6 hours)
    What is ecommerce, how to create an ecommerce website and understanding PLAs.
  • Mobile marketing (3 hours)
    Understanding how app store optimization and app monetization works, deep links, geo location marketing etc.
  • Content marketing (3 hours)
    Content formatting and how to write captivating and compelling content
  • Creating internet marketing strategy (4 hours)
    Connecting the dots once you have understood the various facets of digital marketing
  • Local Business SEO (4 hours)
    Understanding Google My Business page and your Local business Promotion tips and tricks.
  • Affiliate marketing (6 hours)
    How to make money online via affiliate marketing, Introduction to Digital And Physical products, live examples and practical sessions
  • Video marketing (4 hours)
    Video creation,  YouTube SEO, promotion strategy and monetization through your video content.
  • Making money via Adsense and Blogging (6 hours)
    Earning money through your content Via YouTube or Website Adsense.

Detailed discussion on  Adsense, how to get approval and start earning money by placing the right ads on your blog

  • Certifications (6 hours)
For further details, you can check out our online marketing course structure.



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Reviews and ratings

"Thank you Simply Digital for helping me in setting my own website. It was a good decision to join simply digital. Really good trainers specially Nishant sir, Anirban sir, Varun sir and Pooja ma’am. Classroom sessions are very interactive and all the trainers are so supportive. Vast knowledge of digital marketing is provided."

"Great trainers and great teaching environment from very basic to very advance, the teaching methodology is just admiring."

"I rate simply digital because of the quality teaching they provide, because of the environment they’ve got. Simply digital made digital marketing coursework so easy for me that now I can work on projects by my own. I have gained in-depth knowledge in digital marketing concepts and that too at very affordable fee. Thank you SD keep up the good work."

"Simply Digital widened my knowledge of digital marketing Knowledgeable and friendly instructors. Individual attention is given to students. In class discussions and after class doubt sessions add to its value."

"I would rate Simply Digital as the best Digital Marketing institute in Delhi-NCR. The trainers are well qualified, notes and Course modules are very in-depth. The knowledge imparted at simply digital is according to developments in digital world. There is no bar in doubt handling sessions. It was a great decision to join simply digital."

"The course content is really great, the trainers are extremely passionate about the subject and the teaching tactics is appreciative. Trainers are well versed in the course and are able to handle queries as well."

"The learning at simply digital was a breakthrough in my knowledge of digital marketing. Good trainers and interactive classes overall I really enjoyed it. I feel great to be a part of their digital marketing course"

"Good curriculum and Its good to be a part of simply digital.Best training institute for Digital Marketing in whole Delhi and NCR"

"Simply Digital- You guys are doing an awesome job, I joined Simply digital with zero knowledge in digital marketing. I’m a big time blog writing lover. so with an intend of website designing for my blogs in my mind, I joined simply digital and within few time, I end up with knowledge more than just my own website. The course is vast but simply digital made it so easy for me. Young brains as their instructors really will make you feel energetic and persistent throughout the coursework. Classroom sessions are so knowledgeable and fun. I’ll highly recommend Simply Digital for whoever is out there looking for proficiency in digital marketing. "

"It was a great experience with simply digital. You people made teaching simple that it actually goes along with your tag name “Simply Digital” Hats off!! All the best."

"It has a good teaching environment. It helped me in learning about digital marketing from basic to advanced level. Simply Digital is giving the right direction to digital marketing, I would say."

"The course has helped me understand the nuances & grow my knowledge of Digital Marketing, passionate & enthusiastic trainers made classes fun & enjoyable."

"One of the finest digital marketing institutes with finest faculty. An undivided attention from the faculty, hands on experience, and time to time sessions from industry mentors make the learning more exciting."

"Simply Digital Provides really good training in the field of Digital Marketing. Especially Mr. Anirban Naskar. He has provided with excellent technical knowledge in Digital Marketing. Simply Digital has given me a great opportunity to learn and implement the tools provided by social media and search engines."

"If there is one institute that deserves a standing ovation for providing the best quality digital marketing training, it is Simply Digital! I have had a wonderful experience learning about Digital Marketing."

"Simply Digital is a wonderful way to gain exposure in digital marketing. The course material and the method of teaching is designed in such a way that beginners also can relate. The faculty which includes Mr. Nishant Neeraj, Mr Anirban Naskar, Mr. Varun It has opened a whole new world of learning for me. The faculty is always open and supportive and ready to help."

"Simply Digital has really made digital marketing SIMPLE. The content is Comprehensive and of great quality. Engaging and interactive faculty. It works to your advantage only if you follow through and are able to practice it for real.."

"Simply Digital has given me a chance to study SEO, SMM, and Inbound Marketing courses, and those are great. Class room teaching, one on one interacting with faculty, small classes and focussed attention given to every child is what one needs!. Your performance will be tested with an internship and you will job ready by the end of the course."

"Simply digital’s digital marketing course has been an eye opener. I think it is important for everyone to know that Digital will be bigger than what we can probably imagine and Simply Digital is the best institute to learn this from."

"Best in class! Their study material is excellent. I am happy to be associated with Simply Digital. The trainers have guided me to improve my digital marketing training skills. The trainers they are the backbone of this institute well trained and highly educated staff. A pleasure to be associated with such an institute!"

"I really wanted to stand out of the crowd, career wise, and with Simply Digital certification in Advanced Online Marketing & SEM, I now have a raise and a promotion! Simply, more happiness in life "

" Thank God for Simply Digital, one class on Digital Essentials and I felt empowered to make strategic decisions about my website, Facebook etc. "

"One of the finest digital marketing institutes with finest faculty. An undivided attention from the faculty, hands on experience, and time to time sessions from industry mentors make the learning more exciting."