12 PPC Trends That Matter In 2019

12 PPC Trends That Matter In 2019

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2018 was another trendsetting year in the world of PPC advertising.

We saw enormous changes in Google, for example, Google AdWords being rebranded as Google Ads; the latest Google Ads Experience (talking about the changes in their interface) and the launching of numerous new updates in already available campaign types, attributes, targeting options, etc.

Meanwhile, in Bing Advertising, we watched that the launching of tons of new features (following Google’s footsteps though), targeting abilities, reports and other developments. However, the most exciting feature launched in 2018 was LinkedIn’s “Profile Targeting”.

We also saw the growth of Amazon because as a significant challenger to Google and Facebook, with advertisers shifting the major part of their budget from Google to Amazon since more people are now searching for products on Amazon as compared to Google.

Listed below are the 12 PPC trends that are going to matter the most in the year 2019.


  • The Rise Of Smart Bidding

The first to make it to the list of PPC trends 2019 is smart bidding, which is an automated bidding strategy based on Machine Learning on how to maximize conversions during ad auctions. Examples of automated bidding strategies include Target Return On Ad Spent, Target Cost Per Acquisition, Maximize Clicks, Maximize Conversions and Enhanced CPC.

Manual Cost-per-click could now become a thing of the past in 2019. Rather marketers will have enough time to concentrate on analytics and plan their strategies ahead.

Smart bidding strategies will continue to grow in years to come, taking the grunt work off from the Google Ads Account Manager.


  • The Benefits of Using Videos

Video is currently dominating 2018 and will continue to dominate in 2019. Video play buttons are being continuously used as call-to-actions. The open rates for emails sent with the word ‘video’ in their subject lines have been seen to rise up to 20% in the year 2018.

The sole reason for videos dominating recently is YouTube (which has cemented itself as the 2nd largest search engine following Google), Instagram TV and Facebook Watch.

Marketers of today are being advised to turn into “video marketers” if they do not want to roadblock their careers. All these highlights show how important video is and is all set to perform in 2019.

  • LinkedIn Ads Will Rise in 2019

With Facebook clicks being in the ₹140 – ₹210 range, LinkedIn ads seems more worthy when it comes to B2B Marketing. LinkedIn advertisements float around ₹490 which is higher, though they have the benefit of super-targeting.

For B2B Marketing the premium price spent on LinkedIn might be of worth if Facebook keeps on increasing its prices in 2019 as well.


  • Amazon emerging as a Threat To Advertising Giants Like Google And Facebook

Amazon has now become the third biggest and fastest-growing advertising platform and is emerging as a threat to Facebook and Google. Thus, Amazon own ads platform called sponsored product ads are becoming attractive for retailers online. The advantage that Amazon sponsored ads have over Facebook and Google ads is buyer’s strong intent.

If a user is on Amazon he or she is most likely there to make a purchase. In contrast, Google and Facebook may show your ads to a massive audience who might not be interested in making a purchase.

Statistics say that advertisers end up paying more for fewer conversions on Google and Facebook as compared to Amazon.


  • Remarketing to get more freakishly targeted

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are modifying already available remarketing features to next levels. With an increasing number of individuals using AdBlock, entrepreneurs will need to create high quality, personalized content to target users who are particularly repeated customers who have already made a purchase on the website. Articles that are personalized do well and will connect with clients as well.


  • Multichannel Advertising

People today are available on a multiple number of social media platforms. They visit Instagram on their phones, open Facebook at work and watch YouTube when they reach home and if any time is left they would be clicking pictures on Snapchat sharing it with their friends.

Numerous platforms mean that now there is a need for marketers to diversify their PPC efforts into other platforms other than the big two which is as you all know Facebook and Google.


  • Bing, the new kid on the block

B2B Marketing was eventually killed by Facebook when the social media platform upgraded its algorithm to prefer posts from friends and groups more.

In 2019 we are more likely to see LinkedIn Ads and Bing Ads step up to fill in the void created by Facebook. LinkedIn has included new audience targeting features to their panel that is now in beta phase but will shortly be rolled out on the platform.


  • Google’s brand new audience insights tool

Google has rolled out a brand new audience Insights tool made to help marketers target certain audiences with their ads instead of simply reaching their audience through keywords.

The tool enables advertisers to create Audiences of website visitors who have visited the website in the past and buyers who have purchased in the past. The Google Audience Insights tool looks for closely related affinity and in-market audiences associated with the ones available on the list.


  • PPC and SEO should go hand in hand

Another PPC trend going on these days is the integration of SEO and PPC campaigns. Marketers, who incorporate their SEO and PPC campaigns perform better compared to those who don’t and 2019 will be nothing different.

There are a number of ways to integrate SEO and PPC campaigns. Firstly you can start with analysing the ad copies which performs best and generate more clicks then you can integrate that ad copy into metadata and create articles and blogs built on these keywords to boost your organic rankings.

You can aim your competitor’s keywords by assessing the PPC Auctions Insights Reports in the Ads panel, Google My Business optimization and much more.

  • Cross-channel Marketing options

With users switching between multiple channels and different devices, marketers that could provide cross-channel advertising options will probably thrive going forward. Cross-channel advertising together with retargeting campaigns, bridges the difference between paid search and media. It enables the marketers to trace clients as they weave their way on the internet.

An effective PPC marketer would create campaigns and address all the channels available today whether it is Instagram, Snapchat, Quora, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook and Google to target their right audience.


  • ROI, not the benchmark anymore

Return On Investment (ROI) has always been an important figure to measure any campaign’s success. It is still a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for most businesses, but in 2019 this might no longer be the case.

The emphasis in 2019 will be launching different sort of campaigns with different objectives on different platforms. The emphasis of marketers has now shifted from earning profits to building brand awareness. Successful marketing today involves building brand recognition and awareness.


  • Instagram to shoot a chunk of e-commerce

This season Instagram announced it would introduce Instagram Shopping, allowing users to shop for products in Instagram Stories and Newsfeed.

Instagram has become a platform for brands seeking to promote their products and services. Businesses should start exploring the features, Instagram Shopping has to offer.

With the plethora of changes that occurred in 2018, now is the right time for marketers to take into account the PPC trends that are going to matter the most in 2019.

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