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In the online world, the speed of technology and adoption presents unique challenges for businesses. Below are five challenges I routinely hear from clients and some suggestions on how to deal with them.
1) Social Media Management:

The concept of Social Media is so new that new businesses are likely to have failed on Social Media. This applies to businesses across the board, including Global Brands and Mom and Pop Shops.

Common Social Media Challenges:
Questions you may already be asking yourself include:
1. What kind of content should we produce?
2. How can we produce remarkable content?
3. How often should we sell on social?
4. Who will do the work?
5. How do I hold them accountable?
6. Do I have the right person to lead and execute my social strategy?

2) Getting Value From SEO

SEO firms face a lot of challenges these days. From changing algorithms to the lack of keyword data, it’s is becoming extremely hard to see results.
Even if you don’t find yourself in recovery mode, trying to break through the competition without the availability of effective low-cost solutions has many questioning the value of SEO. Simply put, the cost of input has increased while the expected output has decreased.

3) Multi-Device Usage

A big challenge is how to track the visitor experience across multiple devices over the course of the consumer buying cycle.
If a potential customer sees your product on their iPhone and on their IPad, ends up buying your product
Day 1: Potential customer is on their couch with their iPhone. They see your product in their Facebook news feed. They click through to your site, take a look, and then move on.
Day 6: that same potential customer is now on their iPad researching products like yours. They can’t remember your brand, but while searching for your type of product, you come up in a Google search result, along with your competitors. They have a look around and compare prices and features, but still don’t buy.
Day 15: potential customer is on their desktop computer with their credit card in hand. Having seen your website a couple times already, the consumer remembers your web address and goes to it directly. They add the item to their cart and successfully purchase.
How can you possibly trace that sale back to its origin (which should be split between Facebook and Google)? According to your analytics, Facebook and Google both sent you a visitor that didn’t convert. If that happens several dozen times, the conversion rate on these channels starts to take a major hit, leading you to question the value of those channels.
But remember, those channels played an integral part in leading up to the purchase.
There are no easy solutions, but being aware of this behavior is the first step to making smarter decisions with the data available, even if it doesn’t tell the whole story.

4) Optimizing The Mobile Experience

For years you’ve been hearing about the mobile revolution. As former Google CEO Eric Schmidt put it, “the trend has been mobile was winning. It’s now won.”
I’ve watched client’s mobile traffic go from 5% to 30% in the last couple years. With this shift in traffic comes drops in conversion rates, less time spent on site, and higher bounce rates.
A responsive website, which reformats your site content based on the users’ screen size, is a step towards an improved mobile experience. But if that’s all you do to cater to your mobile audience, you’re missing the boat. Mobile users have less patience, are seeking different answers, and can be at a different stages in the buying cycle. The mobile user is different and it’s up to you to find out how and why. Only then can you adjust your messaging and presentation to suit the mobile user.

5) Competing With The Noise

As businesses continue to build out their online presence, consumers are provided with more and more choices. The streets have become crowded and everyone wants a piece of the action. Staying on the front end of the curve and rising above the noise is harder than ever. If you are selling the same thing at the same price to the same people, how can you expect to win more market share and grow your business?


If you liked the content, please share the knowledge :)
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