7 SEO Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

7 SEO Predictions That Matter In 2019

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Well, the new year brings in something new to everything and SEO is no exception!

How about a New Year resolution to rank top on the SERP?

So let’s get done with the guessing game already and start working with more definitive techniques.

PS: This is no lame “SEO 2019” prediction post but well proven organic ranking strategies.

1) Get Prepared For Voice Searches


The year 2018 has seen an exponential increase in the number of smartphones and internet users around the world and it’s no coincidence that the statistics read a staggering 40 % rise in the voice searches among the internet users which further goes upto 50% in case of teenagers and young adults. Technology sure is making users lazy huh?

Google and other search engine giants have optimized themselves to cater to the needs of the moment. So the question is your website optimized for voice search results?

Pro tip: To perform better in SEO in 2019 add focus on Long Tail Keywords and Latent Search Index(LSI).


2) Is Your Site Mobile Optimized?


More than 60% of all searches are made from mobile devices which made Google incorporate its Mobile First Indexing. According to Google, the mobile version of your site is considered “real” version of your site. Heads up, though Google’s Mobile First index isn’t yet live all around, we must be future ready.

How do I make my site future ready?

Mentioned below are just a few basic steps:

Step 1: Work on the UX:

There is no better way to keep your users happy than an incredible UX (User eXperience). Basic UX rules include the Z-pattern to make sure your users are able to understand the information better by catching the attention at the right time and right places on the website. Moreover, you could try and include accordions in the website to cut short the content length. Hamburger/ Sandwich menus are a great way to improve the accessibility of the mobile site.

Step 2: m.version of your site is outdated :

Yeah, it’s right to get over the mobile-specific version of your site and create a responsive design. Recommended by Google and Us!

Step 3: Get AMP-activated:

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is becoming a must for better load and execute time, which in turn helps reduce bounce rate and helps provide an interrupted experience for users even at slower network speed, apparently increasing the SEO ranking by many folds due to better user interaction score on the website.

3) Get on Google Search Console:

Put your website on the web-map and gain full control of it. The search console platform gives you every bit of information about your website and it’s SEO performance (including any errors and suggestions), which helps the search engine bots read and understand your site better. With advanced options to test and publish your sitemap and robots.txt files.

Pro tip: Get your Google Search Console account up and running before 2019 begins for better SEO results this New Year


4) The microformat is a macro after all:


Is your microformat/schema markup ready to roll? No, well then get it done because most of your competitors have. Going by the stats, 2019 will start with more than 55% of the sites ready on schema markups.

Schema markups help you add tags or labels to information on your websites which allows a search engine to understand your content better and hence provide better CTR, better ROI and unmatched SEO signals.

Pro tip: How do you do it?

Just click on the link below to generate your schema codes.


5) Yes, Linkless Backlinks Are A Thing Now:


According to the latest SEO updates for 2019 the major changed in search engine optimization will also make the linkless backlinks a must. Previously only the naked links and the anchor texts played roles in your off page. These linkless links would play an essential part of your off-page SEO and the search engines would readily be picking up even the mentions of your website on external websites. This is a necessary addition as per the web 2.0 and will help more genuine and higher content quality websites rank better on the SERP.

Pro tip: Start checking the websites you post links on, it was never about the quantity but quality. With the ever-growing number of internet users and updation of SEO algorithms, we need to add focus to QUALITY of our links.

6) And then the AI kicks in:


Yes, terminators and transformers might not be fiction anymore. The fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and data automation are being worked on more than ever in the history of mankind. Obviously, we need to understand our user behavior as much as we can so as to provide the best of services and match their needs. Voice searches, better search suggestions and increased need for automations have brought in the need for machine learning, artificial intelligence and better data analysis, for the internet.

Though the concepts of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality(AR) are yet to be used to a scalable level on the internet, the website controllers, developers and digital marketing experts must start gaining first-hand experience in the same and incorporate these into the websites.

Pro tip: Start taking your analytics data more seriously and assigning more data learning models on to your website.

7) Content is your Lucky 7:


Content has been forever the most important factor for any SEO expert and it is just becoming more important with every new SEO update. The competition on the internet is ever increasing and hence there is a need for improving the content quality. Search engines have always put good content over anything else since user response is always of utmost importance so pull up your socks and work towards achieving the most relevant and original content with the strongest set of keywords.

It is always a pro to find and capture the audience with interesting and new content, get a WOW factor about your content.

Pro tip: Work to develop new content ideas rather than just converting content and idea that have already been introduced into the market.


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