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The world of Digital Marketing and Web analytics is still in its early days, and that has created a huge challenge for HR professionals in most companies.

We are in times in which everyone (People & Companies) needs to be online but no one knows (exactly!!)  what a good digital marketer or web analyst is.  And although this gap is creating a lot of problem for companies, it has also given rise to a huge opportunity for the youth.

So what is the opportunity?

The only thing permanent in the online world is “CHANGE”.  And this characteristic is the primary reason why HR professionals are unable to standardize the requirement of this industry.

Therefore, irrespective of your past educational qualifications, if you are able to acquire a handful of skill sets that are essential for a Digital marketer or Web Analyst, you can open yourself to numerous opportunities in the online world.

Web Analyst

Web analytics / Google Analytics is a promising career path for aspiring professionals.

As more and more businesses have started marketing themselves online, the need for good online data analytics has multiplied many folds.

Organizations which need web analysts look for many hard and soft skills but it is safe to say that the requirements are not crystallized/standardized until now.  Most of the hard skills that are required for this job can be learned online and that too free of cost.

So let’s check out 10 skills essential for you to get a web analyst job.

  • Coding (Now Don’t Run… Lets bust this myth) –


Most people expect coding to be very difficult and yes! It can look like a beast if you are not acquainted to it. But don’t worry! As a web analyst you are not expected to code like a programmer.


What you need to know are the basics of web markup, so that you are able to work in harmony with the developer and the web design teams. It is important that, you are able to understand the basic structures of online assets like websites, apps etc. and are able to communicate with other departments without a hitch.

You need to have a basic understanding of:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JAVA

the best part is that you can learn these languages online and completely free of cost. You can use platforms like www.Code.org or sololearn, where you can learn to code and practice your skills at the same time.



  • Web analytics training

The most common course taken by beginners is the free online course run by Google Called the “The Google Analytics academy”, which is a good introductory course for your basic understanding.

For a more advanced course there are many options available online such as market motive master and Digital Analytics Association (DAA) Web Analytics Certification etc. It is however, very important to do a good research and select the most suitable course for yourself.

If you are not comfortable in learning online you can always search for a good training centre close to your location. There are many independent institutes which run web analytics courses and also prepare you for certifications exams.

(e.g. Simply Digital runs an in-class Advanced Google analytics training course in New Delhi)


  • Reading Industry blogs


By virtue of being a web based technology, web analytics is also a constantly evolving subject. And one good way of keeping yourself updated and being ahead of the pack is to keep reading!


There is an ocean of content written about web analytics on the internet, but some of the best blogs that I can suggest are as follows:

  • Avinash Kaushik’s Blog – this is a good blog to begin with as it is not very technical and is a must read if you want to learn the art of data visualization
  • The Google Analytics blog – this is google’s own blog and will keep you updated about everything that is new in the business.
  • The LunaMetrics Blog – This blog is the “go to blog” for most web analysts. If you are a web analyst who needs some creative inspiration, then this is the place to go to!



  • Basics of Digital Marketing


Concepts such as SEO, SEM, Social Media marketing, affiliate marketing , E-Commerce etc are important to understand if you want to be a web analyst.


Apart from the organic traffic on a website gets, web analysts are expected to analyze the performance of various marketing campaigns and activities, which is why all web analysts must have a basic understanding of digital marketing.

As a web analyst you’ll constantly be in touch with the marketing team of the organization that you work for.



  • Strong communication skills


As an analyst do not think that you’ll hide behind a laptop and prepare reports.

A lot of the data that you’ll prepare will have to be interpreted and presented in a way that shows the most accurate picture to the management.

You need to learn the art of visualising data and presenting it in a way by which you are able to convey your message to the audience.


  • Practice


Web Analytics tools need their  fare share of “Getting used to”. The more time you spend on them the more you will learn.

The list of features in all web analytics tool (Google Analytics, Sitecatalyst, Sitestat etc..) are huge and it will take some amount of time before you are able to explore all features and are able to use it properly in your work.


  • Patients


Rome was not built in a day! And if you are working towards become a good web analytics professional , it will take some time before you are able to acquire all the skill sets that are essential for a web analytics job.

It’s not tough to get a web analytics certification and call yourself a web analyst. But without having learned and practiced all the skills (coding, Analytics tools, digital marketing basics) it will almost be impossible for you to clear an interview.

It is very important that you give yourself time to learn everything that is important and then go for the interview.


  • Self learning


This is one skill that could set you apart from the rest of the pack.


Web analytics being a constantly evolving subject, and if you are the one who likes to keep on learning then you will always stand out of the crowd.


  • GAIQ


Google analytics individual qualification is a simple and free of cost exam that you can take after you are done with your analytics course.

If you are applying for a web analytics job, this certification is a “must have”.  Although this certification doesn’t exactly make you an expert, it does show that you have a basic understanding about analytics and that you have the skill set to pursue this career path.

Remember! Becoming a web analyst is not rocket science. Like any other field it needs persistence and discipline.

And at the end of the only thing that can really make you successful  is …… Your Very Own EFFORT!!



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