Google Brings emojis back to Search Engine Result pages

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Google has just reversed its decision to remove the use of emojis in search engine result pages. Though google has had a history with the emojis but in 2015 the company totally removed the use of Emojis in search engine results when it was found that that certain companies were filling up their descriptions with the massive use of emojis which was giving them an edge over the competitors which google considered to be wrong. But the recent Boom in the Digital marketing world has made google think about the taking the decision back.

A time was there when Emojis were considered informal and not appropriate for any official or corporate use. But now EMOJIS are everywhere, they have crossed the barrier of languages. Earlier they were confined within the boundaries of personal usage.

Google brings Emojis back to SERP - Digital Marketing course in delhi

They are okay in Business settings, even better.

Our brain process visual information 60,000 times faster than the text. In Social Media, people tend to engage with a post where they can connect and emojis signifies almost the exact emotion of the message. Also in a recent study it is found that the use of emojis in Playstore can significantly contribute in the increase in download rates of an app. The search results now have become more fragmentary and the getting attention of the consumers have become the biggest task for marketeers.

Why Google stepped back?

First, it is significant that Google clearly needs to ring-fence this ability to choose questions that its RankBrain machine learning calculation esteems applicable. Though google has allowed emojis to be a part of Search engine again but it won’t be Volte-face, it’s just the softening if their position.

Additionally, if any of the brand should choose to place the characters insignificantly, google may opt to banish them.

Second thing is the recent patent application of Google’s Competitor Apple Inc. of a KeyBoard with a emojis’s button in the place of Capslock.

SERP showing Emojis

Similar functions have been there in the Apple products in their touch screen commands but nothing quite fixed up. Even the proposed keyboard seems to have faults as it does not contain letter Ë in the sample image. But it clearly indicates the future trends. And it won’t be a surprise if Google manages to monetize the trend better than others.

What it brings to the Table for Marketers?

If Brand uses the emoticons in their snippets the way that matches the users queries. Google would have a good reason to show the results and users will also have good reason to click on them.

If a user is pulling information about a pizza shop, he will easily trust a result with an Emoji, but Chances are there that if the same user is searching for a serious information i. e. health Care services, the presence of Emojis along with the result becomes less trustable.

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