Google Shopping Expands To India In Hindi

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Google enters India market where Amazon and Flipkart are fighting for dominance in the e-commerce sector.

Google has decided to bring its successful Shopping product and services to India where it will support searches in Hindi as well.

Google is introducing the Shopping tab to Google Search and is launching a brand new Shopping homepage for India as it sets its sights on attracting more and more retailers and millions of Indian customers to its platform.

“We hope this enables all kinds of retailers, especially those who have never had an online presence, to reach millions of new consumers,” Google Shopping Vice President Surojit Chatterjee, mentioned in a statement. There are about 20 million retail-oriented companies in India, based on the data provided by the census. There are about 400 million users online in India out of which less than a third actually make a purchase online.

With the launch announced, Google will also be supporting Hindi, along with English when it comes to creating feeds in Google Merchant Center. Sellers will now have the ability to upload their product feeds into Merchant Center in Hindi and market their goods to users who search for shopping products on Google in Hindi as it is approximately spoken by 44% of the people in the nation.

Google is not the only firm in India which focuses on sellers and consumers. Google Shopping enters the e-commerce sector in India when the industry is already being dominated by two key players: Walmart subsidiary and India native Flipkart, in which Chatterjee formerly served as the Head Of Product and Amazon as well, which launched its Hindi website this September. Flipkart has been accepting e-commerce shares from Amazon, which holds about 44 percent of their e-commerce market share in India as compared to Flipkart’s 40 percent.

The Google Shopping tab will let users perform cost comparison. It is going to also be incorporated with Google Lens, which will be present on all Android phones. Google Lens enables users to take a picture of the product and automatically search for them on Google Shopping.

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