How Should You Respond to Negative Reviews on your Website?

How to react to negative reviews on your online presence

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Responding to online Reviews

It is the need of the hour to have website and social media presence for the companies/individuals/freelancers. This aids them to yield beneficial results in the respective fields. The Smartphone technology has acted as a catalyst in the entire process because the time spent by users in such devices has considerably increased. This online activity of the users has impacted the online presence of the companies. There are several companies which are engaged in e-commerce only. Thus for them online presence is the only way to conduct business. Such companies value the feedback of the customers and if there is a negative review, the organisation should know how to respond to those negative reviews.

Every coin has two sides and the online presence too is no exception. The websites are exposed to feedback of the users. Needless to say, the sites and platforms of social media get both positive and negative reviews of the users. But the challenge is how to handle such reactions of the customers?

Responding to online reviews is a critical part which the companies have to handle with complete alertness. Especially for the local businesses, online reviews and feedback makes a lot of sense. It is online reputation which helps them to establish their business in the World Wide Web and thus is an essential aspect of marketing. Whether the reviews are generated on websites/ Face book/Google; both positive and negative feedback has to be intelligently handled.

Why it is important to respond to Positive


  • Most businesses make a grave mistake of not responding to positive reviews. They think that there is no need when the customer is already satisfied. But the fact is otherwise. It is equally essential and important to respond to positive reviews as it is for the negative ones. It is a polite action to respond to the positive reviews. As it is a public forum, several readers and users will read the comments and this will do wonders for the respective business.
  • Others can also participate in the online conversations between the respective customer and the company. This will give further exposure to the brand or the service of the company and prospects will also show interest for indulgence. This helps in the multiplication of the conversion rate for the website of the firm. Thus the conversion rate gets higher consequently.
  • It affects the search results in the SERP. The reviews also generate SEO for the sites and in this way it gets featured in the search engine result pages (SERP).

Responding to negative reviews on your online presence is essential

Managing Negative Reviews:

This is a critical part of the show and a bit of vigilance can comply with the growth of business. An honest try in the related subject can lead to the conversion of negative remarks to positive comments. Following steps should be followed by the companies/individuals who are engaged in providing services/products to the customers through online platforms:

  • The most important tip here for the companies is not to shy away from the negative reviews of the customers. When the product or service is exposed to the public then it is natural that it will get both positive and negative feedback of the users. Facing the issue is the best solution. But choosing the method of not answering the negative comments is not the right approach.
  • Online reputation should be monitored with the help of online tools like Hootsuite. This online monitoring tool helps to check the occurrence of negative reviews across the diverse social platforms. In this way, management of the same becomes a simplified process.
  • Be prompt with the reply. Do not let review go unnoticed for several days, weeks, or even months. This will further have a negative impact upon the customers and the readers because they will think that the company only cares for the positive reviews and is least bothered to impress or satisfy the unsatisfied customers. Being a quick responder will reveal the good side of the company.
  • Negative comments should be considered as a blessing in disguise. At least by posting a negative review, the customer shares his/her opinion and gives the company a chance to rectify the error. The company may try and change the opinion of the customer by addressing the problem in a better format.
  • As the forum is a public and a social one, others are also reading the comments and when they see that the company takes interest to resolve the negative reviews also, then definitely they get impressed with the behavior of the respective company. In spite of the negative feedback about the product/service, the prospect will consider to give it a try because they know that their feedback will be valued.
  • The issue can be resolved offline also. The complainant can be encouraged to indulge in a personal contact or meeting with the personnel of the concerned company to resolve the issue.Then the matter can be taken up more seriously and a personal touch is always better to impress the customers.
  • The company should be apologetic for the bad experience caused to the user. It is one of the most important aspects of negative reviews. Being apologetic helps in the resolution of the issues with agility.
  • Arguments should be avoided. As negative and positive comments will exist side by side, arguing is not the right way to manage criticism at all. Social media platforms should never be used for arguments especially for negative comments. It will further annoy the users and the readers will also form a negative opinion about the company.
  • Do not over indulge in the matter. Quickly try to resolve the matter. Asking too many questions can further complicate the matter. When the users are asked too many questions, they get frustrated and aggressive. Such a situation should not be aggravated and has to be handled with sensitivity.

Ways to respond to negative reviews

Offering solutions is one of the most important ways to handle the negative reviews. Give personal attention to the user who has had a bad experience. Greet them and apologize for the inconvenience caused to them. Research and statistics have proved that if the problem or the negative review of the user has been addressed then they continue to avail the product/service of the respective company.

Negative Reviews can also act as a stepping stone to move towards positive reviews. It is only possible if the problem is handled with sensitivity and agility. The companies should consider such feedback as an important tool of self examination and make amendments for the better. It helps them to serve their customers in a better format. It is all about positively handling the negative comments to yield profitable results.

Thus online reputation should be taken seriously and the company should express the respective views promptly. The companies which are engaged in online business consider this part critically. As more and more people are turning to the online carriers, the e-commerce segment is booming. These online stores have to handle negative reviews day in and day out. Thus they have employed the customer care division which is trained to handle such cases and help the companies deal with the situation.

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