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Many of you out there must have wondered plenty of times, why do the same ads reappear to you? Why are they constantly in front of your screen when you are browsing different websites? Why am I seeing products that I have left in some cart on a website in front of me?

How does this happen? Why does this happen? Am I being stalked?

We are able to see all these advertisements because of Remarketing.

So what is Remarketing?

It is a very clever way to connect with the visitors who have previously visited your website. It helps us position targeted ads in front of the audience while they browse elsewhere on the Internet.

How does the process of Remarketing work?

All of us clear the cache many times from our computer. There we might have seen the term “Cookies”.

Cookies are small files that get stored in user’s computer by the user’s web browser while the user is browsing. The cookies stores users information like browsing activity, previously visited webpages, passwords, products left in the cart etc. Remarketing uses these cookies to follow users wherever they go for advertising purposes. Cookies help the website reconnect with us by showing relevant ads across various devices.

Remarketing increases the chances of conversion as the person has already shown interest in the past and is more likely to convert. Because of the interest the ads become more relevant to the user and can deliver higher CTR, conversion rates and lower cost per conversion.

But, How do we do Remarketing?

Remarketing is done via Google Adwords.

Remarketing is a cost effective method for AdWords campaign, which not only prevents customers from forgetting about your company but also builds an image in the customer’s mind.

In Google Adwords, there are two types of marketing:

  • Remarketing for Search Network
  • Remarketing for Display Network

While Display Network focuses on remarketing through display ads on other websites, Search Network’s main aim is in remarketing via text ads on search engines.

Today, we are going to learn about Remarketing for Search Network. For this to work the user has to be present on our Remarketing List for Search Ads (RLSA).


Let’s try to understand RLSA with an example:

Suppose Riya wants to purchase a wooden cupboard. She searches on Google: “Online furniture shops”. Now let’s say that there is a furniture shop “ABC Furnitures” whose ad is being shown at the bottom of SERP. Riya clicks on that ad (select relevant) and visits website of ABC Furnitures. Now, as she has visited the site, she will be added in RLSA of ABC Furnitures.

Now after few days Riya again searches “online wooden table” which is related to ABC Furnitures. This time ABC Furnitures’ ad might come on the top if it is running a remarketing campaign. This highly increases the conversion chances for ABC Furnitures.

This is how remarketing works for search network!

Advertisers can adjust bids (set bid adjustments), and keywords based on the audience and keywords they are targeting. RLSA uses the same remarketing lists and management as Google Display Network remarketing.


How to setup RLSA?


  • Once you have created your search campaign, go to the “audiences” tab and then click “ +Targeting”.



  • You will be prompted to select either an ad group or a campaign to apply the list to.


  • After you select the campaign or ad group, select “interest and remarketing” under Targeting option.


  • Now select the remarketing list which you have made


  • At the end, select “target and bid” if you want to target remarketing list only else select “bid only” if you want to use both keyword search and remarketing list to reach your potential customers.
  • After saving, adjust bids to get most out your RLSA.


That’s it! You are done!


Important note for list size

To run your search ads for remarketing list, it should have 1000 visitors minimum before using it for campaigns. It doesn’t include users who are signed-in to Google. This is an effort to protect user privacy.

In comparison, in display remarketing the list size must be of 100 visitors minimum.

This not only protects the privacy of those who make up your list, but also helps ensure that your ad will have a big enough audience to make some impact.








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