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Today’s the age of online branding and there are ample of tools to boost our marketing strategies but the increasing number of facilities in technologies also causing the confusion in what to choose or what not.

In order to attain our positions in the digital era, we need to react to the latest techniques but in the flashes of new and shiny tools, we shouldn’t overlook the classical marketing strategies.

This is the place the 70:20:10 model can help, since it’s simple rule which helps us thoroughly consider how we organize the time and spending we put into various showcasing exercises.  By parting your spending or yield into three different categories, it helps you to plan your budget accordingly to your needs.

Since the law of value is flexible in such ways, it can fit in/help in several Internet marketing strategies, traditionally the idea goes with Media campaigns, but there’s no stiff rule in the world of marketing and advertisement so it’s right now contributing in several contents and social media promotions.

70/20/10 rule in Digital Media Investment


It seems so easy and fascinating at the tried and tested ways of marketing that have worked so well in the past, for example  If the Adwords campaign drives sale at an acceptable Cost Per Acquisition we become more inclined to the idea. However “putting all your eggs in a single basket” has had a history of great downfall, even if it’s a big company and not able to adapt the rapid change of the market , you are destined  to be doomed.

In Digital media investment , Ashley Friedlein suggests that 70% of your marketing should  be usual, which states the focusing on the strategies which has raised our sales or leads in the past years such as search and affiliate marketing for a retailer. Of course, the need of in-depth knowledge of how to do shouldn’t also be overlooked. 20% should be more rules driven, responsive and machine driven.  10% should only be responsive or Real time marketing – Like Oreo’s Campaign during the black out.

Mark Renshaw of agency Leo Burnett suggests in an Ad Age dividing spending into 70/20/10. Here also 70% of the Ad is all about refining your successes of already tested media. He recommends using the 20% to the media that have just gone mainstream and 10% to the quick opportunities that have popped up recently.

The 10% of the marketing strategy should be responsive or reacting to current events which customers can relate to.


The 70/20/10 in Content Marketing


As suggested by several Bloggers or Content Managers, the Content Bucket rule should be broken by volume of different sections of the content.

  • 70% should focus on the brand building and attracting visitors to your site.
  • 20% could be more risky or should target to the bigger new potential audience, for example: Viral videos.
  • 10% should be experimental.


7020/10 in Social Media Marketing

In the world of Social Media, the question always remains the same that what kind of content should be the part of brand promotion in Social Media campaigns?


Nishant Neeraj, Social media Mentor from Simply Digital, suggests the Law of Value in Social Media Marketing which plays a major role in social media platforms.

  • 70% of Facebook should add good value to your brand.
  • 20% should share the ideas (informational).
  • 10% should be connected or refer to the current events.

Although there isn’t any hard and fast rule that we have to stick to the ratio of 70:20:10. It varies from campaign to campaign or brand to brand. It could also go 40:40:20 or 60:20:20 or in any other suitable form, the law is adaptable and can fit in into any form of marketing.


If you liked the content, please share the knowledge :)
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