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Creating content is not easy at it sounds?

Though, techies would believe that coding and scripting is the most consuming bit, perhaps, they do so because they have no idea what content managers actually do.

Following are the important details of content which should be kept in mind before you think about this word, next time.

  • Copywriting: It includes writing very neat, crisp and short tag lines, profiles or summaries for a company, any event or an endeavour in a very irresistible manner. It’s like writing an advert; you need to hit the right target audience with the right kind of emotional commerce.
  • Design: For those who thought content is all about words, well you are wrong. You need to focus on the design part. How well the content would go with the templates and how should it be structured? All of it should be taken into account. Designing needs to be seamless and neat, so that the reader yearns to read what is written in the text. Otherwise, it would just be writing cluttered pieces of information.
  • Photography: The content is incomplete, be it in blogs or websites, if the right kind of photo does not accompany it. Either you can have your own photographer or download images from paid photograph banks available online. Thus, photo plays a pivotal role in making of the content.
  • Creativity: You need to stick in the minds of the readers For example, a packaged milk showing the advert of ‘Imported from Your Childhood’ does a fantastic job in explaining who its target audience it and also having this emotional connectivity with the target audience. In short, creativity is all about how quickly the right words hit you and how you portray them. You need to think out-of-the-box. Or perhaps, think as if there was no box.
  • Positioning: This is especially important for both websites and social media. You need to know the placement of the content, the positioning of it with respect to the others and how it shall appear when viewed. In the same way, the positioning in terms of social media means how you assign the time scheduling for your posts in the pages.

Thus, content contains a lot of little details, which have to be taken into account. Even if one of them is missed, it would jeopardise the entire feel of it.

So, be cautious.

If you liked the content, please share the knowledge :)
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