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In the present day’s technology-driven world, our daily routine begins with electronic newsletters and ends with our social media notifications. It is quite evident how technological developments have made a significant impact on most of our lives. Be it any home appliance that we can control through our apps, to playing our favorite music through our voice instructions; technology has easily percolated through our needs into our lives.

It is important to ensure that people are updated with the upcoming digital marketing trends of 2019 primarily for new businesses entering the monopolized industries and gaining significant market share, as well as established companies that have always delivered an excellent service.

Digital marketing is like a revolving door in a building. However, digital marketing is particularly sensitive to the fast-changing trends that come and go like the seasons. We are amidst a digital revolution that is bound to impact and change the market in every possible and unique way.
Let’s take for an instance, the popularity of smartphones and an increase in the use of digital assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google made voice search SEO (search engine optimization) a part of most digital strategies.

Therefore just like a revolving door, digital marketing trends are rapidly changing. It seems that as soon as one digital marketing trend takes its place in the industry, another is already there to take its place. Here’s a list of few Digital Marketing Trends for 2019.



It is predicted that by 2020 over 50% of searches online will be voice search. Unquestionably, voice search will play an evident factor in our day-to-day lives. For example, you cannot type while cooking or use your phone driving; voice searches make it easy for you to carry out various tasks with utmost convenience.

For the vast majority, speaking becomes much simpler and quicker than typing on account of the advantage of utilizing this innovation all over the place and the expanded insight that has been developed. Voice search will present a challenge for digital marketers as they have to look in a new direction. Voice search as a digital marketing trend in 2019 is significant and growing.

Traditional ways of searching are losing their value as a vast number of voice search options are available. According to sources, 58% of customers have made use of voice search to find information regarding local businesses. The Echo Dot was the best selling product on all of Amazon in 2018. After conducting a voice search, 27% of consumers visit the website of a local business.



Another significant digital marketing trend is content. However, Content is the King but engagement is the queen and the lady rules the house. In the year 2018, we happened to realize the significance of content on the online platform. Consequently, in 2019, it is expected that customers will eventually put more trust in dignified content instead of depending on advertisements. This points to an assumption that more the user-engaging and informative your content is, better are your chances to be seen online.

The quality is always going to matter, so having a more in-depth and sophisticated understanding of the market is essential. As general audience content is always essential, combining it with improved techniques will increase effectiveness and help the business grow. Moreover, it has been predicted by the Business Insider that 30% of the internet users will be using adblock by the end of 2018.

Re-marketing will get freakishly targeted. Machine learning and Artificial intelligence are improving remarketing options to higher levels. With an increasing number of individuals using adblock, entrepreneurs will need to create high quality, personalized content to target users who have already purchased on the website. Articles that are personalized do well and will connect with clients. Businesses will have to be careful in 2019 while alluring and alienating customers while planning to adopt the advanced retargeting techniques.


What? A machine that creates and generates content from scratch? It’s impossible. The fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Automation are growing technologies that are being used worldwide. Artificial Intelligence can be of great help to the company as this technology can analyze the consumer behavior and patterns using information from historical transaction data, trending sales, competitive info, CRM data and social media platforms and get to know the consumer better to provide the best services. It helps in reducing costs and helps the business to grow.

In 2019, we will start to see AI creating its content. There are certain areas which in which content made by AI can be valuable and helpful and attract potential visitors to your can enable you to spare loads of time and resources. AI is already able to write reports and news based content on data and information. Artificial intelligence can create not only content but also curate it. Visitors will definitely spend more time on the website as they get to see more relatable content.



Videos are currently dominating 2018 and will rapidly grow in 2019. Video has become the prodigy of communication since the rapid growth of smartphones in the last decade as well as social media applications. Short videos make are popular, in order to make it both efficient and enjoyable for the communication of a message.

The videos will be the pinnacle of any marketing venture as the video will deliver the message in a better way while providing entertainment to the consumers at the same time. Play buttons are excessively being used as a call-to-action. A rise of about 20% has been noticed in the open rates for emails which have the word ‘video’ as their subject lines.

YouTube has managed to become the second largest search engine after Google, which is not a surprise. Marketers are being told they will have to turn into “video marketers” if they do not want to restrict their careers. All these highlights show how vital video is as a digital marketing trend in 2019.


Social media life has established itself as a daily routine in millions of people’s lives. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube are thought as prevailing fashions, but these platforms are digging in for the long haul. Their reach is rapidly expanding, and just like any other medium out there, this is a chance to achieve potential customers. From direct advertisements to brand establishments, social media offers a world of opportunities for your business to grow like never before.
Back in 2016, Nicola Mendelsohn, Facebook’s VP of European, Middle Eastern and African operations, said that in five years, Facebook “will be probably all video.” it has been two years now, you realize that the prediction is coming sooner than anticipated with an additional real-time twist. This in a way brings the customer or client closer to the franchise as the customers can have their questions answered on the spot.
Most of the social media offers the live video feature. With smartphones everywhere and with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Youtube which allows us to go live at a moment’s notice. For one, live suggests continuous, which implies that whatever you’re watching is going on in that exact moment. At the end of the day, it’s not excessively cut or created; it’s genuine and it’s now. Secondly, this will give the customers a chance to know more about the business, the product being sold, the on-going projects and different business techniques. This in a way brings the customer or client closer to the franchise as the customers can have their questions answered on the spot.
This feature is free to use and it is a readily available tool for entrepreneurs. All these highlights show how important live video is as a digital marketing trend in 2019.

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