Top 5 Video Marketing Trends 2019


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Videos have currently become one of the most important type of content that is being pushed by organizations in the current marketing environment. The best thing about video content is that everyone likes it. Humans are currently addicted to video content at the moment. According to Google, 50% of people from the age of 18-34 would stop whatever they are doing just to watch a new video that has been uploaded by their favourite YouTuber. You cannot underestimate video marketing because in the last 30 days more content has been uploaded on the net than the past 30 years of TV content. The major platforms that are contributing to video marketing are YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.


Why Are Videos the So Important?

Videos captivate and engage the consumer, make an emotional connect with them and thus appeal to the customer in such a manner that it has a lasting impact on him. Video Marketing boosts conversions and sales, helps build trust, has great ROI, appeals to the mobile user and most important; Google loves Videos.


Video Marketing Trends to follow in 2019

  • Vlogging


In the last year or two, vlogging has just become so huge in this country. The best thing about vlogging is that it isn’t topic-oriented, so you can use it in any field and any vertical that you are working in. Businesses and Entrepreneurs are now moving into the vlogging space as it is becoming popular day by day. The primary reason for its popularity is the fact that people can see you or the person behind the brand, hence have a peek in your life and thus you can make a better connection with your audience.


  • Live Videos

Live Videos

2018 saw massive usage of live streaming on various platforms. It all started out with Facebook and Instagram Live, and by the end of 2018, the Live feature was rolled on YouTube and Twitch as well. Live Videos are predicted to go even bigger in 2019. As per a recent Facebook Report, the daily watch time for Facebook Live Broadcasts quadrupled over the previous years.

Live videos can be used for various means, to reveal a new product/service, for webinars, to conduct Q/A sessions, give tutorials, testimonials, and many more things. The best thing about Live videos is that they appear more customized and 1:1 to the user, thus he tends to pay more attention to it and thus engages with the video longer.


  • 360 Videos

360 Videos

The 360 videos are also known as immersive videos or spherical videos. They are basically video recordings that capture view in every direction at the same time. Publishing 360 videos were started way back in 2015, and YouTube was the pioneer. They were followed by Facebook and Vimeo joined them later in 2017. By September 2017, more than 1 million videos had been uploaded on Facebook alone.

They are an important way to showcase your brand, like your workplace tour, or showing the life cycle of your product.

They can also be used to highlight important events and maybe create a short film that engages the audience even more.


  • YouTube Ads

The market has never been more competitive. The present scenario that we, marketers, are living in being run by customers. To make our product reach out to people in this competitive era, only using the organic channel wouldn’t help. That is where the YouTube Ads come into play.

There are various types of ads that you can run, depending on your industry and your goal. You could run Display Ads, Overlay Ads, Skippable Ads, Non-Skippable Ads, Bumper Ads and Sponsored Cards. Some of the brands using YouTube Ads to reach out to the audience are Apple, Zomato, Tetley, Netflix, Swiggy, Flipkart & Myntra. YouTube Ads can help you in creating awareness, branding and finally get sales as well. Thus this makes Ads very important in 2019 for marketing.


  • Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality means Near Reality, which basically refers to reality emulation. It is a way to put a user in a virtual world which is a computer-generated environment. Virtual Reality can be used to create wonderful and amazing marketing content, which would be way more engaging for the customer. It is believed that Virtual Reality will become more mainstream this 2019. It is predicted that by 2022, the AR and VR market is expected to reach a market size of Rs.1,48,000 crores.



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