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Believe it or not, come 2019 we will be entering the final phase of the decade. The internet as we see it has grown a lot in the past decade. The reign of Smartphone, the introduction of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), we humans have seen it all. In this present Era where technology is almost in every sector of the economy, staying updated on the latest Web Design trends is very crucial to the success of your website, irrespective of the products or services offered. Be it Algorithm updates or visuals; there are many changes every year.

Designers have abandoned grids and traditional stock photos for vibrant illustrations, bold colour schemes and asymmetrical layouts and preferred a rampant creative approach to Web Designs. One can never disagree with the fact that with the advancements in technology, websites have become smarter with Artificial Intelligence powered by Machine Learning and subtle interactions and those shifting paradigms have driven design trends. We at simply digital believe that in 2019, web design trends will see these two sides of the coin- technology and aesthetics.  

By now you all might have seen the live feature available on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram as well. These platforms tend to maximize the live interaction with their user. Hence, the design of the website must play around and convey emotions. If it is your wish to make it a highly refined one, in terms of quality then bear in mind that it’s not enough to have just PHOTOS! The entire concept should be associated with a certain emotional background.



Take Lacoste for example, a brand that has gained keen interest by analysts who have been researching on web designs for a pretty long time. Lacoste’s website has a dynamic collection of modern-day clothing which lays an emphasis on lightness, which is a fully transmitted visually. This combination of Lightness not only conveys the communiqué on the style of clothing but also on the lifestyle. These two driving factors are attractive and memorable. Also, more than anything, it sells, hence our motive is complete!



Ask yourself, how much time do you think you get to make a good impression with a potential customer? Unlike an elevator pitch, if you’re talking about interacting with them online, you have less than three seconds! We Homo-Homo sapiens tend to be very flighty and impatient. Had the internet been an alien conspiracy that observes human nature, then their reports would have shown that we don’t like to be kept waiting! Be it at a restaurant, the traffic signal or over the World Wide Web. Recent studies conducted by Data Analysts have shown us that, 50% of users expect that when they click on a site, it should load in two seconds or less. If it took any longer than three seconds to load, the users would abandon a site.


You don’t need a separate lecture on Z pattern and its importance. Visual randomness is finally a “thing”. But do keep in mind to make sure that it doesn’t overshadow the general concept of your web design. A great example of the aforementioned would be the non-standard placement of information blocks. This practice was not an accident but rather a mere competent approach that warms up the user’s interest on your website. Even with the non-standard approach to your site, you don’t need to abandon your corporate style entirely either. If you decide to use this approach in the coming year, bear in mind that all the essential information should be on the left side of the web page. The Z-pattern mentioned above was in regard to this, where a reader examines everything on a web page from left to right. Thus, you have to think carefully in order not to overdo it. Consider this factor when you re-design your website in the near future.



It is not new to get confused between a cinemagraph and a gif animation. There is a ‘day and night’ difference between the both. Cinemagraphs are basically static pictures that contain only one dynamic element. To take an example of the same, it can be a static composition of an old man sitting by a table at a restaurant on a rainy day. This idea will be optimal for the restaurant chain. You may make it much more hard-hitting by using your creativity on photo editing platforms such as Adobe Photoshop or Canva.



Come 2019; minimalism will completely dominate the digital landscape. The phrase “less is more” is the fundamental principle that has been appreciated well in the modern era of technological advancements. It is centred around the basic idea that fewer the content and elements your website, the less your target audience will have to think about. As mentioned earlier above, you need to play around the psychology of the user. At the end of the day, if you get your website designed in the pitch-perfect way, it will pinpoint to precisely what the user is looking for! We both can agree on the fact that the lifestyle of a modern day person is very dynamic in nature. Hence, he/she hardly pays any attention to the distracting manoeuvres of research specialists in the PR industry. We’re pretty used to the concept of viewing information in a format that eases his mental being, which hardly bothers him. Therefore, it’s functional to have a website with minimal design and with a combination of a translucent button.


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