Ways To Promote Your Small-Scale Business on Social Media

Social Media Marketing tips and tricks

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Starting a business small or big has never been an easy task. It requires a lot of hard work, determination and learning and it only pays off in the long run. One of the best ways to create awareness ofyour brand is to kick-start your business using online marketing strategies on social media.
Though there are a number of options to start marketing online when it comes to social media platforms,figuring out how exactly it can be done might be confusingfor entrepreneurs who own small-scale businesses.
As per a recent study, just 53% of small-scale ventures effectively utilize social media networking, just 45% work on SEO, and only 25% utilize online advertising to promote their businesses.
What about the rest of the lot? They claim they don’t have the assets or the time. Above all, they say they do not have the techniques required to get the most out of the major online media platforms.The reality is that you’re not going to see social media success overnight and therefore they do not find it worth investing in it.
Few of them believe that if they begin promoting their business online via social media networking, they must make their presence felt on every single social media platform. However, the fact of the matter is that they don’t need to be a part of each social media networking platform; rather, they ought to examine the stages that partner best with their business style.
According to a recent survey, Facebook (89%), LinkedIn (83%), YouTube (81%) and Twitter (80%) are the most valuable social-media marketing platforms to promote small-scale businesses.
If you don’t have the assets to juggle various channels, focus around the ones that will reach the biggest potential audience, instead of focusing on platforms like Google+, which is valuable only to 37% of the companies, when you can invest your time and effort focusing on the more popular platforms?
Running a small venture each day can overwhelm you to the level where you begin restraining from promoting your business.
But here’s the good news.
Marketing your small-scale venture via social networking media platforms isn’t advanced science. Actually, it is substantially less complex if you know some of the few social media insider tricks.

Social media marketing tricks
  • Creating a Reliable Presence

Creating a reliable presence on social media platforms may sound a bit complex, however, that’s not the case. Do you know why it’s not complicated?
Since in a small-scale venture, you don’t need to have a huge number of followers, and you don’t have to connect with lots of people. You simply need to connect with the right group of people.
To achieve that, building brand awareness is theideal way.
Make an online presence which ideally portrays your business on online and offline platforms as well. From the logo of your site to the cover picture on different social media platforms, you have to make a look that clearly coordinates your business persona.
If you have the financial plan, you should procure somebody to make an outline that matches the core of your business. For online marketing or any social media platforms, you can request that they make professional looking visuals.
You’ll need to have an online presence that helps you to portray why your product or service is so great and different because it’s the next stop for the majority of your potential customers.

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  • Connect with Experienced Business Professionals

Social media networking is a world of connections. Regardless of whether you’re reacting to comments on Facebook or building your expert network on LinkedIn, it’s quite essential to take some time out and connect with experienced and business-minded professionals.
Presently, as an entrepreneur, you might think:
How can I invest my significant time in social media marketing when there’s so much left that needs to be finished?
Simply make one piece of content consistently, and plan it as to when toshoot it.
How does this assist you?
The key to establishing a great social media presence is engaging content development. Curate the content a week or even a month at a time by dividing it down into smaller tasks and completing the work for multiple posts at once. When you have already set up your content for the whole week, you can take out 15 minutes early in the day and 15 minutes in the evening to respond to the queries or comments that you’ve received on different social media platforms.
These are the means by which you can connect with experienced and business-minded professionals.

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  • Make your time and money count

For entrepreneurs, time is money and any time wasted is a waste of their money.
We have all experienced those instances where we get on Facebook to do some work, but then we see a post or a picture of our friends and all of a sudden an hour passes by. That happens to most of us all the time.
Obviously, there’s a time for liking those fun images, commenting and sharing posts, but while you’re working, you need to focus on your work.
In case, any of the posts diverts you, remind yourself why you’re on Facebook or any other social platform in the first place.
You are the one liable for yourself.
When it comes to money and social media marketing, you can try your hand at Facebook Ads which is one of the best and budget-friendly platforms to run your ads based on user activity, demographic information, device use information, etc.


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  • Engage in with Quality Leads, Rather than Anyone on Social Media

Most likely, when you’re using a social media platform, you have an opportunity to engage with millions of people on that platform. But as an entrepreneur or a small-scale business owner, it is smarter to draw in some quality leads who are relevant to your business, instead of anybody.
You can achieve this by appropriately by figuring out how to geo-tag on your Facebook business page (or on any other social media networking page).
Geo-tagging is the process of attaching geographic datato any information-related content and it is the ideal way for small-scale businesses to promote themselves. It has been a common practice for marketing these days. When people check-in at your business, it’s free advertising for you since most of their connections are able to see those check-ins.
A normal Facebook user has 100 connections (many have significantly more), and the majority of them are locals. So one check-in is fundamentally promoting to 100 potential customers. Usually, if someone is checking in to your place it is because they either had a really great experience the last time they visited.
It generally works out better when small-scale companies target their local market as instead of focusing on a wider market which may or may not show interest in their products and services.


Social Media Marketing Hacks
  • Use the right tools

For a beginner on social networking media, the tools which you use can be of one of your biggest advantages.
These tools will enable your social media presence to become organised. Likewise, the right tools will spare you time, money, effort, and without doubt, a great deal of frustration.
There are a number of tools that help business owners increase their social media presence. Small-scale business owners can set aside a couple of hours at the beginning of the month to schedule posts for the rest of the month using software such as Buffer or Hootsuite.
Some of the best social-media that can be used for small-scale businesses are:

  • HootSuite
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • DrumUp
  • SocialOomph
  • SocialPilot
  • Sprout Social
  • Sendible
  • Sprinklr

In the social networking world, a few decisions can create a huge impact on any business.Besides, it isn’t important to have a presence on each social media networking platform. Simply put your business data on those social media networking sites which suit your business well.Analyse how the bigger brands are attempting to keep up their reputations via social media. Duplicate their model. Do what they do, and you’ll soon figure out how to make your presence felt on social media platforms.
Focuson driving engagement to maximise the impact on your business. With only a tad of planning, steady posting, valuable content and a strategical approach, you’ll have your followers connect and engage with your content in the blink of an eye.

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