Website Design Mistakes Part – II

Website design mistakes

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Mistake 4- Improperly sized/un-optimized media

Imagine if you visit a website which has all the data you need, but it takes such a long time to appear properly on your screen that the whole User experience gets affected, would you like to revisit the site again, ever?

And guess what! Google too lowers your ranks in the account of your slow page speed. This will also result from your competitor ranks above you in the SERP.

In order to avoid the situation, we need to optimize and size our media properly (to get the best possible speed).

In the recent years, Content Management Systems like WordPress has given a huge amount of power in the hands of an average user. It surely has done a lot of good but at the same time has caused tremendous damage too.

An average user of a CMS only knows how to upload a picture from his saved space, what he doesn’t realize that the image or media might not be properly optimized or resized to fit into the frame of the website, which often results in a dramatic reduction of page speed.

In the rapidly growing industry, a good website is essential. But sacrificing a good design wouldn’t do much justice to your business. Proper resize and optimizing your media would work with almost every design you need on your website.

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·        JPG is the best for photographic images, while PNG and GIF are for the images with solid color areas.

·        Always use the recommended sized images by the WordPress.

·        Compress the unnecessary large image, WordPress offers many plugins on that, if it’s not WordPress you can always use Adobe’s Software which would amount very less to you if you are aiming some serious business.


·        MP4 format produces the smallest possible size of a video.

·        Serve the optimal dimensions keeping User’s Screens in the target.

·        Minimize the video length (focus on the most effective part of the video)

·        Best Practice is to avoid Direct uploading the video on your site, try putting embedded codes from Vimeo or Youtube.

Mistake 5: Not responsive design

We live in a Digital World and People nowadays are more connected to the internet world than ever that too through their mobile phones. Google takes this fact in a very serious manner, hence the recent news from the Google webmaster’s Blog said that Google will rank search listings based on the mobile versions of the content rather than using separate indexes for mobile and desktop versions.

Every serious web developer understands the importance of responsive design for both of the reasons. First, the flood of the users on the internet through their mobile devices and second’s the Google’s Indexing rules which are prioritizing the mobile versions of the sites.

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Though the Mobile’s Version is not a direct factor in SEO ranking according to Google, the Responsive design has an impact on User’s experience.

If a visitor is coming to your site which has an unresponsive design or format, it will go back to the SERP to find the one which is more responsive. The action will cause an impact on the Bounce Rate, page per visit and time on the visit which are all the direct factors in ranking.

From Google’s Handy Tool you can check whether your site is responsive or not. And of it’s not you better start transforming it into one.

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If you liked the content, please share the knowledge :)
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