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Facebook vs. Google

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Well, the answer is a little tricky.

Over the years, Facebook has become more of an advertising behemoth than a mere social networking site.

UBS analysts like Eric Sheridan are taking a note of how Facebook is now entering the digital advertising framework, by nothing down the improvement in the quality of advertisers and specially, the higher frequency of mobile app ads.

After all, much of what Facebook currently, in terms of market dominance has achieved, is due to the mobile advertising and app installed ads which it started off in 2012.

And not only that, it has also redesigned the look of its Newsfeed, making it more streamlined, efficient for mobile usage. Though, at the same time, we can’t get very optimistic. Even till now, Google has 31% of global market of digital ads, while Facebook comes second with 7.8%

But following are the new developments initiated by Facebook that might threaten Google in the coming years.

  • Buy Button: Facebook in partnership with Stripe, now Facebook consumers can pay for their e-commerce purchases from various other business platforms, without leaving its site.
  • Atlas: After buying Atlas, from Microsoft in 2013, it has reintroduced its new dimensions. Atlas was initially known for brining the power of real people to ad serving and measurement. Now, Facebook is letting marketers map out and measure the effectiveness of their ads all round the web. Using Facebook targeting data, they can now also buy ads from non-Facebook websites.
  • Possibility of new ideas: Currently Facebook is working with the market giant which already deals with Google, Twitter and other big names. There are possibilities of Facebook’s Instagram to revitalize its applications and mark an advent into limelight, perhaps in a never imagined way, as before. At the same time, there are news circulating that Facebook might tie up with Twitter, but remains a distant possibility.

But apart from all these possibilities and future scenarios, Facebook has made one thing pretty sure, it is eyeing on the Google’s DoubleClick display ad business, quite meticulously.

So, when it comes to display ads, Facebook and Google are definitely fighting neck to neck. In spite of it being an asymmetric battle as of now, who knows what the future beholds, right?

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