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Google Analytics : Course details

  • Get started with Google analytics
  • Generate detailed statistics for your website
  • Measure conversion and sales
  • Track search engines and social networks
  • Analyze display advertising, pay-per-click networks and email marketing
  • Integrating adwords and analytical account
  • Link tagging: Basic of set-up procedure
  • Viewing customized reports
  • Implementing corrective actions

Web analytics have become an inseparable part of all online & web enabled businesses and the right knowledge of this tool can give your business a vital edge over its competition.  For Job seekers, knowledge of Google Analytics will enable you to pursue a career in online advertising and digital media agencies.

With the help of Google Analytics you can observe the traffic on your website from different dimensions and metrics , and get an in-depth understanding about the performance of the website. The data being generated by Google analytics can then be used for corrective actions or in developing new strategies for your business.

The Google analytics course at simply digital is a well structured course which will help you understand the basics of web analytics and will cover all aspects that are essential to measure the performance of a website.  

The course will include –

Overview of Google Analytics – you will Learn how to set up the dashboard and basics about how to navigate through the interface and reports. You will also learn some important concepts (e.g. Session, User, page Views, Bounce Rate etc..) that are essential for understanding Google Analytics.

Generate detailed statistics of your websiteThe first thing to learn in the Google Analytics course is to study the automated reports. Google analytic  allows you to study the traffic on your website from different dimensions such as demography, behaviour , technology etc..

Measure conversion and sales – Google analytics helps you define goals on your website (e.g. Completed sales transactions, subscriptions, sign-up’s etc..) and tracks the performance of all your online campaigns.

Track search engines and social networks -  you will learn how to track the performance of SEO Optimised pages and you will also be able to analyse the traffic that you get from Social Network source such as facbook, twitter , etc

Analyze display advertising, pay-per-click networks and email marketing - One of the most important aspects of the Google analytics training course is measure the performance of ad campaigns. In this course you will learn how to collate and measure the traffic all ad campaigns which include Display advertising , Pay per click Campaigns, email campaigns etc..

Integrating adwords and analytical accountBy linking Google analytics and adwords you can analyze all the Customer activity that is happening on your website. Google Analytics will give you a detailed report about impressions and clicks of ads getting displayed on your website.

Link tagging: Basic of set-up procedureLink tagging is a process by which you can add parameters to your URL that will be used for tracking defined goals.

Custom ReportsAnother important feature that you will learn in the Google Analytics course, is how to prepare custom report.  Google analytics has a feature by which you can use multiple dimensions and metrics to approach the data which has been collated form your website.

Implementing corrective actions  - you will learn how to interpret the data being collated form Google Analytics and will be taught how to use the data to improve the performance of your website.

Google analytics certification examOnce the course has completed , we will also assist you in taking the google analytics certification exam

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  student at simply digital Simply Digital Provides really good training in the field of Digital Marketing. Especially Mr. Anirban Naskar. He has provided with excellent technical knowledge in Digital Marketing. Simply Digital has given me a great opportunity to learn and implement the tools provided by social media and search engines. 

Moushami Panda

student at simply digital If there is one institute that deserves a standing ovation for providing the best quality digital marketing training, it is Simply Digital! I have had wonderful experience learning about Digital Marketing.

Anuj Suri

 student at simply digital Simply Digital is a wonderful way to gain exposure in digital marketing. The course material and the method of teaching is designed in such a way that beginners also can relate. The faculty which includes Mr. Nishant Neeraj, Mr Anirban Naskar, Mr. Varun It has opened a whole new world of learning for me. The faculty is always open and supportive and ready to help.

Prakash Behera

Rating : Star out of 5 | (4.7/5 based on 232 reviews) | Read reviews


Meaning and Importance of Google Analytics:

If you are pondering upon taking up a Google certified course for analytics and searching for a reputed institute that teaches Google Analytics course in Delhi, you first need to understand what all it incorporates and how important can it be for your business.
Analytics in simple terms, means the systematic computational analysis of data or statistics. Any organization that wants to optimize web usage, takes the help of the analytics tools to observe, compute and calculate every user’s behavior on their website. Analytics helps in assimilating the complete data related to all the visitors and users of a particular website and gives the exact current status and predicts the future pattern of the users. This data helps the organization in the optimized use of their marketing mix, risk analysis, price management, predictive analysis etc and hence gives valuable insights to apply futuristic and productive approach to their respective business.

Why Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is by far the most popularly known and used tool to monitor a website traffic. Google provides the best state- of- the- art- tools to its users and helps in tracking the number of visitors, their geographic location, most viewed pages of the website, repeat users and many such information most accurately. It is the most helpful tool which tracks the strengths and weaknesses of a campaign and gives a chance to improve it, hence helping to drive traffic to the website. To delve further, here’s a list of benefits of Google Analytics:

Benefits of Google Analytics:-

  • It’s a free tool- Google Analytics is an online tool with no cost or subscription required.
  • IShows the source of traffic- this tool shows us if our visitors are reaching our website through a paid or organic source, through some other website or a referral link.
  • IGives location of the visitors- this tool shows us the country, state and region of our visitor, helping further in planning our campaign accordingly.
  • IMost viewed pages- the tool gives data about the most viewed pages hence letting us know about the most searched information by the users.
  • IBounce rate- Google Analytics gives the information about the number of visitors who visit your website but don’t go beyond the first page. If the bounce rate of your website is high, you need to work on the user experience and content aspects of your landing page.
  • It Tracks medium used by visitors: you can even track the medium of traffic flow to your website; whether it’s desktop, mobile or a tablet.
  • ITracks past records: it also shows the pattern of traffic to your website for a certain period. You can plan your campaign based on the past behavior of your users at a particular month or day depending on the data records.
  • It also gives Social Analytics: Google Analytics also has a tool to track social engagement of your users. Through this tool, you can track the performance and monetary value of conversions from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. all at once.
  • INew features added regularly: Google keeps adding new and advanced features t the already existing extensive Analytics tool to further enhance the user experience and benefits.

What to expect of Google Analytics Course

Virtually every marketer needs to use Analytics to run his/ her business successfully. In order to understand the tool completely and use it to its fullest capacity, a google certification course proves very useful. Although there would be many other analytics courses available, a Google certification definitely gives credibility to the course. Our expert faculty at Simply Digital simplifies this course to make it easy to understand for all and hence makes this course the best Google Analytics course in Delhi. Through this course, you learn various aspects of data usage that helps in the betterment of your business. You can analyze the behavior pattern of your visitors, track an ongoing campaign and also set up goals for future. A few more advantages of the google analytics certification course are as follows:

Improve and Enhance Your Competency

Google Analytics certification course enhances your competency in using the tool. This program helps you learn the in and out of Analytics and gives you a complete idea about the features and tools of analytics, hence helping your business grow manifolds.

Gives an Edge over Competition

Even though there are various courses available, a Google Certification course definitely gives you an edge over competition. It gives your business, credibility in the market and builds trust amongst your clients. We, therefore recommend all organizations to enroll into a google analytics course from the best digital marketing institute in Delhi and benefit from it. So, opt for the best analytics course and gain an edge over your competitors.

Learn the trick of the trade

Once you complete the course, you can use its tools in the best possible way. Google Analytics course gives the most in depth knowledge about analytics and you learn various tricks that you can use to get at the top in no time.

Career opportunities in Analytics:

Google Analytics is the most promising course in digital marketing today. We at Simply Digital provide full assistance to all our students who complete the Google Analytics course from our institute. There are many career options available that you can opt for after completing this course. Organizations invest lots of money to get data- driven insights to make their business related decisions most accurate. This is increasing the demand for qualified business analytics professionals from a reputed institute. Simply Digital is by far the best digital marketing institute in Delhi and we have various customized courses for our students, Google Analytics being one of them. After the completion of your course, you could explore the vast market which has a huge demand for analytics professionals. To name a few, you can apply for the post of:

  • Business Analyst
  • Business Strategic Manager
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Analytics Tools Administrator

Industries with a high demand for Analytics Professionals are:

  • Health Care
  • Human Resource Management
  • Finance
  • Banking Sector
  • Ecommerce
  • Logistics

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