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Today, all of us know the impact social media has around us. Almost everyone is active on social media, and everything that we witness on it leaves an impression on the audience and a mark on their mind. Due to these reason Social media marketing has become so significant and its courses are of utmost importance.
Social media marketing is a powerful way to interact with our target market and reach our prospects and customers where the end result is gaining traffic.
It is the process of gaining attention through social media platforms. This attention is gained by creating unique , attractive content for social media which is in context to the different social media platforms available to us.
Customers are interacting with brands through social media and thus if you are not speaking to them through various social platforms available like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram then you’re lagging behind.
In 2010, 0.97 billion users were active on social media worldwide, by the end of this decade it is predicted that this number would be 2.9 billion. In a span of 10 years the number of active users on social media has tripled.
At the end of 2017, we will have 2.46 billions social media users worldwide.
India will have 196 million users at the end of 2017, and this number will rise to 292 million by the end of 2020.
Of the total population of Internet users, 71% are social media users, and these figures will keep on rising.
These statistics show the influence of social media, why social media marketing courses are important and how it is an integral part of Digital marketing.

Benefits of social media marketing

There are various benefits of social media marketing and these benefits are the reason why you should signup for social media marketing courses.
 Benefits of Social media marketing:

  • It helps us establish trust

There is a direct correlation between trust, the usefulness of the product and the intent to buy. Thus when people trust your brand and perceive your product as useful , it influences their intent to buy.

  • Increases brand awareness and recognition

71% of the total users online use social media. Thus it we can easily connect and see that social media can help us increase brand awareness and recognition.


  • Build brand equity

Equity is the value of your brand from the customer’s point of view. Thus, large amounts of followers and interactions increase your brand equity on social media.

  • Enhances Brand Image

Social media helps us enhance our brand image as it helps us connect to thousands of users online. When users connect to you, you can tell your story , share your journey and thus enhance your brand image.

  • Increase website traffic

For any website to survive, the website traffic is the most important factor. And as your website traffic increases, so do the sales. Social media marketing helps us deliver relevant traffic to your website.

  • Humanize your brand

Social media is a great way to humanize your brand and show your personality to your prospects and customers. People like interacting with people, not things and by humanizing our brand we can leverage this benefit.

Still confused about Social media marketing courses ??
Here are some more benefits.


  • Cheaper and affordable

Social media can get you thousands of impressions and clicks and all of that at a lower cost. This helps us increase our profit margins.

  • Targeted Advertising

All social media platforms have a lot of information about the users. Thus these platforms provide us the opportunity for in-depth audience targeting and segmentation. We can target users on the basis of their interests, employers and various other criteria.

  • Track your results

One of the reasons why social media marketing is so efficient is because it is trackable. We can keep a track of all our efforts as we can measure the sales, website traffic, subscriptions and finally the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.

  • Leverage various media formats and boost customer engagement

Social media platforms allow us to use various media formats like videos, images, GIFs so as to improve the customer experience with your brand. These media formats increase customer engagement. Also it helps us engage in two-way communication with the customer.

  • Crowdsource new ideas

Consumers love to share their ideas and give suggestions on what they expect from the brands the like ad follow. It is a great way to build engagement. We can gain a lot from these ideas as we can incorporate their suggestions into a part of our company.

  • Learn about your competitors

One of the greatest benefits of social media is analyzing our competitors. We can look at our competitors and identify the significant areas where we wish to surpass our competitors and thus we can target their followers.
These are certain benefits that we get when we opt for social media marketing courses.

Social Media Marketing Modules

Through our social media-marketing course, we shall help you understand the significance of social media. We shall focus on the different types of current social media paradigms and how we can use social media to our advantage in the field of marketing and advertising.
Our Social media-marketing course mainly focuses on 4 modules:

  • Facebook

Facebook was launched in 2004 and presently is the biggest social media service based on its global reach and the number of active users it has. They opened for public sign up on 26th of September 2006. Since then, in a span of 11 years they have surpassed the mark of 2 billion monthly active users.

1 out of every 5 person on this planet has a Facebook account. That is the impact and influence of the biggest social networking site in the world.
If Facebook had been a country, it would be the biggest country in the world, surpassing both China and India by a long margin in the numbers game.

Facebook dominates the social landscape as it leads in user engagement and is still the fastest growing social network.
11% of monthly Facebook users worldwide are Indians.
In Facebook marketing, we will understand the difference between a personal and a business page. We shall understand how to increase likes and shares by building fan engagement. We will have an in depth understanding about the way Facebook advertises.
You shall have sessions where we practically see how Facebook advertisement works, the payment module, CPC, CPM, CPA, conversion tracking of Facebook and finally understanding the significance of Facebook Insights.


  • Twitter

Twitter was launched in July 2006, and by 2012 it had more than 100 million users. As of 2017, Twitter has 328 million monthly active users. It is also been described as “the SMS of the Internet “.
In our twitter module,
We shall explain you what twitter marketing is.
How do we measure the influence and increase our followers, tips and tricks of online marketing and twitter advertising.
You will also be enlightened with the tools that are required for twitter marketing and case studies to understand how twitter actually works.

Still not confident about social media marketing courses…

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a business and employment oriented social networking service for businesses and professionals.
It was launched in 2003, and at present has more than 467 million members.  It is available in 200 countries across 20 languages, so you can understand the impact and influence it can create.
India boasts the second highest membership with more than 35 million members.
The LinkedIn module will explain you how to market via LinkedIn and understand the difference between company and individual profiles. Explaining the importance of LinkedIn groups and how we can use them to market our product/service.
Finally, special tips of LinkedIn advertising and how to increase our ROI.

  • Instagram

Instagram is an Internet based photo sharing service that was launched in October 2010. Facebook acquired it in 2012. They have come a long way since then and as of April 2017, it has 700 million monthly active users. It is one of the most popular social networks presently. Almost 80% of Instagrammers follow a business on Instagram. India has 33 million Instagram users and 85% of them are younger than 45.

Through our Instagram module we will explain you
Mobile first marketing. It will explain you the importance of image marketing and how to hook your customers.
We will also help you create a business profile and the importance of business tools and insights on Instagram.




Career opportunities in Social media marketing

After completing your social media marketing courses the next thing that we are concerned about are the opportunities that avenue provides us with.

Social media marketing is one of the most demanded skills in digital marketing. It is believed that the social media budgets will double in the next 5 years.
Reasons why you should opt for social media marketing as a career path:

  • There are plenty of jobs out there and employers need you.
  • It is a flexible career path.
  • It is a booming sector and nearly one third of population uses some kind of social media platform.
  • All the other areas like Online Pr, SEO, Content marketing, Paid search are in some way or the other associated with social media marketing.

Some jobs that are available to you after completion of your social media-marketing course are:

  • Social media marketing manager: As a SMM you will be responsible for managing and delivering all social media campaigns. You have to take care of the strategy, implementation and marketing. You will be a person in charge who will be responsible for communicating with your organization’s customers via social media websites. You would also have to review and analyze all the activities on websites and regularly update according to the social media sites.
  • Social Media Marketing Specialist: If you excel at strategizing but want to stay away from rest of the responsibilities, then you can become a social media expert. As an SMP, your main job is developing strategies that meet companies and customer’s social media needs. You have to make sure that the social media strategies are in sync with your organizations overall vision. You have to create, manage and optimize social media campaigns. Also you require excellent communication skills for communicating with the customers.


  • Social Media Coordinator: A coordinator is responsible for all the live posts every day. You follow scheduling for all social media accounts. Your main job will be development and executions of strategies. Daily post updates and finally increasing the presence of your company on social media.
  • Social Media Analyst: If you are fascinated by numbers and like playing with them , then social media analyst is the job for you. You can help your team develop a social media strategy on the basis of different metrics and trends. You require critical thinking and an inquisitive mind to analyze your company’s social media portals. Also you would be responsible for setting and executing the benchmark required for social campaigns.



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