Digital Marketing or Online Marketing is the promotion of products online.
It is a precisely targeted, minutely measurable and highly interactive way of marketing products or services that make use of digital technologies to reach customers and achieve defined objectives.
The key objective is to promote brands, build preference and increase sales through various digital marketing techniques.
The Government of India dreams to connect every department and interconnect its array of services to make it very easy for its citizen to seek information, avail services, verify and access their records. This will also bring every citizen under the purview of law and help plug loopholes leading to cheating, theft and corruption.
The Digital India project of the Government's will create over five crore jobs once it is complete.
As consumers move to the Digital Platforms using it to consume goods and services and as they increasingly, listen and make conversations online; marketers, business owners and entrepreneurs will need to be Digital Marketing experts to precisely reach them to meet their objectives.
According to a global study, 94% feel that Digital Marketing will drive competitive advantage.
Digital Marketing is fast becoming a core function for small and big organizations alike, be it SME or MNC and all others who are engaged in selling consumer experiences in the form of goods and services. Noticeably, good talent is few.
Employment opportunities exist in various industries from start-ups running e-commerce business to traditional companies taking their brand and product marketing initiatives online as well. Even Service industry operators such as PR &Communications, nowadays, offer Digital PR services to clients.
Opportunities exist as Digital Marketers, Online Product Managers, Campaign Managers, Mobile Marketer, SEO Manager, SEO Analyst/Specialist, Content Strategist and Director level as you prove your competency in the field.
There are more than 7 lakh jobs available as of July 2015.

In entry level jobs, you can expect Rs.20, 000 to Rs.40, 000 per month. Sky is the limit if you know your subject really well.

There is a shortage of Digital Marketing experts and Big Data Analytics people in the industry.

Everyone is searching for products and services online. Business owners can ensure their online presence to meet the enquiring customers.
Mobile Marketing is a form of Digital Marketing where we focus on the consumer’s web experience on the mobile device, such as a smart phone. Since it is possible to know the location and behavior of each user, mobile marketers can promote goods, services and ideas to a highly targeted customer group based on time, location and behavior sensitive, personalized information.
India is the 3rd largest in terms of mobile penetration and 2nd in internet penetration slated to become the largest soon. That means more and more people are on the internet through Mobile devices which also tells us why Mobile Marketing is going to be very big.
In very few words, it means learning to make sense of the huge data all businesses hold and drawing insights from it to productively use it to provide a better consumer experience. 

We provide Classroom Programs with lots of Practical Training with latest Tools.

The full Digital Marketing course is of 72 hours but customized course for Entrepreneurs, Students, Job Seekers and Working Professionals are available for different duration depending on what you choose to learn. 
The Data Analytics course is of 60 hours.

Both Weekend and Weekday batches are available.

You can get the training again in one of the upcoming batches. Also, you can sit separately with the faculty to sort out your difficulties until you have understood topic well.

There will be no charge for it.

You can attend the classes that you have missed in any of the upcoming batches for no extra charge. However, you need to inform this on time for us to reserve a seat for in the training sessions.

For Digital Marketing, you need to know the basics of how web works and a sense of how to serve customers better.
For Data Analytics, an understanding of numbers would be helpful.
Yes, a basic laptop would be required although the same can be arranged too.
We provide free internet at the institute.

We teach you to make a website or we can teach you with your own website too.

Yes, you can earn money Online and that is part of the course.

The mentors and faculties are a group of young entrepreneurs including the best brains from IIMs, IITs and CEOs of with over 100 years of cumulative corporate experience, in-depth knowledge and training expertise. They endeavor to bridge the gap between the digital world for you, with the highest level of perfection.

Our students will have the Google Certification on completion of the course.

Yes, we will help you with Internships and we will help you get to interviews. 

Yes, there are immense opportunities to provide services to companies who wish to outsource part or whole of Digital Marketing.
With thorough knowledge on every aspect of Digital Marketing, you can have your own Digital Agency.
You can even become a faculty and teach at Digital Marketing institutes.
Yes, we have customized Corporate Training Programs. Before taking the full program, you can demand a free 2 hour Digital Marketing Workshop from us where we will take separate sessions for Digital and Non-Digital employees.