digital marketing course for women

Six benefits of the Digital for Women Seminar

  • 1.The seminar will address the digital needs of women from diverse backgrounds – working women, stay at home moms and women entrepreneurs.
  • 2.It will open the possibility of working from home on digital projects and blogging.
  • 3.The seminar will also cover the various aspects of marketing a new business idea on the internet through various channels – which women can explore as a career option or even for their own business ideas.
  • 4.Women will get the chance to learn about strategic fundraising for a wide range of ideas and activities.
  • 5.Being safe and confident in the digital world will give women enormous sense of independence.
  • 6.The course is designed from a practical, needs-based approach and run by sensitive and experienced faculty.

Course Content


1. Be Digital savvy

  • Learn Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

2. New-age Career options from home

  • Become a Blogger, Undertake Digital projects

3. Start your own Business

  • Validate your product ideas, Launch a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

4. How to raise money for your own venture

  • Boot strapping, Crowd funding, Seed funding

5. Utility Apps

  • Security, Health, Urban Clap, Uber, Google Maps



Speaker Profiles
Prashant Sinha

The CEO of Mycity4kids marking a self-reliant advent into digital marketing, Prashant completed his graduation in Economics from Delhi University and an MBA from the Times School. His repertoire of achievements includes corporate experience in well-recognised organizations like Times of India, Pepsico and Aviva, across sales, research and marketing.